Roo & Pibi

Forest animal friends

‘Roo’ is a curious and lovely baby panda.
‘Roo’ always wanted to take adventures to new places and meet many friends.
One day, ‘Roo’ starts a forest adventure with a chick named ‘Pibi’.
Start an adventure with Roo!

Have a fairy tale adventure in the forest of a cute chick,
‘Pibi’, and red panda ‘Roo’ together with your children.
You can enjoy a pleasant adventure, and make friends with 10 kinds of animals.
Beautiful and cute pictures that are liked by children, funny movements, and educational contents!
‘Roo’ and ‘Pibi’ become good friends with children too.

It is an interactive fairy tale composed of 10 pages of contents in which you can have special experiences with beautiful pictures and emotional expressions. Drag, sweep, and touch to complete events easily and conveniently. You then feel fun and achievement at the same time. You can also have a comfortable feeling while enjoying the application with the ukulele melody.

Have a forest adventure with Roo. You can meet diverse animals and solve their problems to make a story.

You can progress easily and simply just by dragging, sweeping, and touching according to the given theme to each animal.

Through the movements of the animals expressed emotionally, and together with the beautiful pictures, you can sense a warm and comfortable feeling while using the application.

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